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Valentines Day in Lanzarote

Happy Valentines day from Lanzarote! With the temperatures reaching 27 degrees during the day what better way to spend this special day with a loved one either by the pool or on the beach. For the evening you can make a date at the Rooftop Cinema where you can watch a romantic movie under the stars. There is a deal for couples and for 50€ for two you can enjoy pre booked seats with wine or Cava and a selection of chocolates.


Atlantic Ocean Surfski Lanzarote

The third edition of the Atlantic Ocean Surfski was held on Saturday on the east coast of the island. Starting in the north in the village of Arrieta 180 participants made their way south to the beach of Las Cucharas in Costa Teguise where they stopped for a short break. The next leg of the competition continued south to the finishing line in Puerto del Carmen at Playa Grande with the closing ceremony being held at the Fariones Sports Centre in the Old Town. Participants were from all over the world covering 16 different countries. Sean Rice was the winner of the men’s category, while in the women’s the winner was Haeley Nixon. whole party where this sport was promoted among the young Canaries. The runners up were as follows
The German Gordon Harbrecht got the second place, while the canarian Esteban Medina achieved third in the mens section. In the women’s category, the second position fell on the Spanish Judit Verges, while the French Angie Le Roux classified third.

Carnival Exhibition in Arrecife

A new exhibition takes a tour through many of the carnival manifestations including a tour of the Carnival of Arrecife in the early twentieth century
The former seat of the town council of Lanzarote, now known as Casa Amarilla, hosts the exhibition ‘Buches & Diabletes – The Traditional Carnival’, which opened on Tuesday afternoon.

The inauguration started at 7:00 p.m. with the words of welcome from the exhibition coordinator, Miguel Ángel Martín Rosa, who thanked the work carried out by a whole team of professionals who gave their all to achieve the projected objective.

Natural Pool Planned for El Golfo

The mayor of Yaiza has had a meeting with the residents and a technical drafting team to reform coatal area of El Golfo on the west coast with two natural pools. This will take advantage of an existing depression on the beach. The basic design foresees the installation of a pool of seawater measuring 1,500 square meters and divided into two sections with maximum depth of one and two meters and a ramp and stairs for access. The project will cost 1 million euros under an agreement signed between the Ministry of Environment. It will be a great recreation developement in the village which at the moment is well known for its fish restaurants and visited by many tourists each year

New Bodega in Lanzarote

A businessman called Domingo Cabrera will open a new winery, with the name of Tierra Virgen, in La Geria. An excavated plot of 1,700 square meters, which will launch 100,000 bottles.  The bodega will be equipped with the most modern technology for winemaking and the first vintage will be expected to produce about 100,000 bottles of all varieties, red, pink and muscat. Contacts have already been initiated with several grape growers to buy the grapes, with the expectation that at least in this first year of start-up of the winery, at least 60% of the fruit will come from the purchase to vine growers of the island and the rest of the own vineyards of the farms of Tierra Virgen

Possible Tax Cut For Brits

Brexit seems to be a never ending part of our lives and whether you voted leave or remain, we are are still waiting for some sort of clarification. There are a few people holding off their holiday arrangements until we all know exactly what will happen. Its not just affecting the UK. The canarian government are considering a local tax cut to British tourists to entice the Brits to the island following the weekend pound. Like some long haul destinations visitors will be expected to keep reciepts for their purchases and the tax can be refunded by the authorities

Book Lanzarote for Carnival

Turists flock to the island to enjoy the Carnival season. The canary islands have some of the best carnivals in Europe and there are plenty of oportunities to party. A little later this year but if you are looking to book to experience this magical time, then the dates are as follows.

  • Puerto del Carmen Carnival 2019 – March 9th. More details to be announced soon.
  • Costa Teguise Carnival 2019 – March 16th. More details to be announced soon.
  • Playa Blanca Carnival 2019 – March 30th. More details to be announced soon.
  • Arrecife Carnival 2019 – March 4th.

Guacimeta Airport To Change Its Name

On 21st December Council Ministers decided to rename the airport to César Manrique airport. Although the new name has still not come into effect it is expected to be agreed and changed soon and could take place during the spring, considering that it will be in the month of April which will be the centenary of the artist’s birth.

Cesar Manrique is a well respected artist resposible for many of the architectural regulations on the island. His works dominate the landscape with wind machines positioned on the roundabouts and paintings depicting the volcanic landscape.


Casa Mayor Guerra Museum

Situated on an incline in San Bartolome is one of the most important houses in Lanzarote which dates back to the 18th century. It was originaly owned by an influential militar but today stands as a museum portraying the history of San Bartolome.

With a budget of almost 50,000 euros, San Bartolomé is making improvements to this historical landmark concentrating on the exterior and it is planned to create a sports ring, in the space where palm trees were planted, which have now mostly dried up.

The project signed by Daniel González, to be executed throughout 2019, includes three new recreational areas, as well as the planting of trees to offer shade and shelter from the wind.

Canary Islands Mark the New Year with Bells from Mainland Spain

Good news for the Canarians this year welcoming the New Year. As in the UK the chimes of Big Ben are symbolic to the celebrations of the approaching year ahead. As the canary islands are an hour behind  mainland Spain there has always been a designated church on one of the islands to mark the New Year. This year there will be a special double New Year celebration from the Puerta del So in Madrid. The emblematic Madrid clock will strike at 00.00 and again as a novelty at 01.00, to adapt also to the time zone of the Islands Canary Islands. For the first time since its installation in 1866, the clock of the Puerta del Sol will delay its hands one hour to adapt to the time zone of the Canary Islands.