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Surveillance at Los Hervideros

The Lanzarote Geopark along with Culture and Tourism Centers of the Cabildo have reached an agreement for daytime surveillance at Los Hervideros and Los Clicos to ensure the safety of visitors. Los Hervideros is a protected area. The strange rock formations are a resort of lava flows meeting the sea in the volcanic eruptions of Timanfaya in th 1700’s. There are pathways leading to spectacular views where you can see the waves crashing against the strange formations. The area will benefit from the new safety plan


Atlantic Ocean Surfski Lanzarote

The third edition of the Atlantic Ocean Surfski was held on Saturday on the east coast of the island. Starting in the north in the village of Arrieta 180 participants made their way south to the beach of Las Cucharas in Costa Teguise where they stopped for a short break. The next leg of the competition continued south to the finishing line in Puerto del Carmen at Playa Grande with the closing ceremony being held at the Fariones Sports Centre in the Old Town. Participants were from all over the world covering 16 different countries. Sean Rice was the winner of the men’s category, while in the women’s the winner was Haeley Nixon. whole party where this sport was promoted among the young Canaries. The runners up were as follows
The German Gordon Harbrecht got the second place, while the canarian Esteban Medina achieved third in the mens section. In the women’s category, the second position fell on the Spanish Judit Verges, while the French Angie Le Roux classified third.

Electric Scooters Removed in Arrecife

Electric rental scooters have appeared on the streets of Arrecife capital. They have been put on the streets by a German companyy called Wind. Unfortunateley the local police will start to remove them because the company does not have an activity license or permission to occupy the public road. Its a great idea for people to get around the city but unfortunatley this company has not gone through the proper chanels to provide this service.It was previously tested in Barcelona and Madrid but again the city councils ordered the withdrawal in both cities  just a few hours after their installation for not complying with their respective ordinances. Specifically, in the case of the city of Barcelona, ​​because rental scooters are only allowed accompanied by a guide and in the case of Madrid, customers were not specified areas where they could start or end their trip and the ordinance prohibits its use in certain spaces.

Lanzarote Increases Eco Energy

The facility owned by Endesa (the electric company on the Canary Islands), Enel Green Power Spain and the Insular Water Consortium of Lanzarote are generating a capacity of 8.5 MW of electricity

The wind farm of Los Valles operated by all these consortiums reached a total of 24,544 MWh [megawatt hours] last year increasing by 8% the production compared to 2017. This park located in the municipality of Teguise, was the third of those participated by Endesa in the Canary Islands with the highest production in 2018, just behind Arico (Tenerife) and Carretera de Arinaga (Gran Canaria) ).

Throughout the Canary Islands, EGPE participates in fifteen wind farms that have an installed capacity of 62.89 MW. In 2018 they produced 7% more energy than the previous year with a total production of 170,106 MWh, equivalent to supplying about 50,000 homes on the islands through wind generation.

Natural Pool Planned for El Golfo

The mayor of Yaiza has had a meeting with the residents and a technical drafting team to reform coatal area of El Golfo on the west coast with two natural pools. This will take advantage of an existing depression on the beach. The basic design foresees the installation of a pool of seawater measuring 1,500 square meters and divided into two sections with maximum depth of one and two meters and a ramp and stairs for access. The project will cost 1 million euros under an agreement signed between the Ministry of Environment. It will be a great recreation developement in the village which at the moment is well known for its fish restaurants and visited by many tourists each year

New Bodega in Lanzarote

A businessman called Domingo Cabrera will open a new winery, with the name of Tierra Virgen, in La Geria. An excavated plot of 1,700 square meters, which will launch 100,000 bottles.  The bodega will be equipped with the most modern technology for winemaking and the first vintage will be expected to produce about 100,000 bottles of all varieties, red, pink and muscat. Contacts have already been initiated with several grape growers to buy the grapes, with the expectation that at least in this first year of start-up of the winery, at least 60% of the fruit will come from the purchase to vine growers of the island and the rest of the own vineyards of the farms of Tierra Virgen

Record Visits to Lanzarote Tourist Centres

Lanzarote tourist centres closed the year of 2018 with a record of 29.6 million euros generated by 3 million visitors. This is an improvement of 9.7% over the previous year 2017. A spokesman for Lanzarote Council said “These figures are, in short, the result of putting the effort, responsibility and professionalism of all workers at the service of an entity that is the heritage and pride of all Lanzarote. Without them, it would be impossible to achieve the objectives set”

Possible Tax Cut For Brits

Brexit seems to be a never ending part of our lives and whether you voted leave or remain, we are are still waiting for some sort of clarification. There are a few people holding off their holiday arrangements until we all know exactly what will happen. Its not just affecting the UK. The canarian government are considering a local tax cut to British tourists to entice the Brits to the island following the weekend pound. Like some long haul destinations visitors will be expected to keep reciepts for their purchases and the tax can be refunded by the authorities

Passport Rules for Brexit

As unbelievable at it may seem, we are still no closer or any of the wiser what will happen with regard to travel plans after Brexit. The advice given by gov.co.uk is as follows. They suggest that you check your adult and child passports to ensure that they will meet the new rules before travelling to Europe. I there is no deal after 29th March you should have at least 6 months left on your passport after the date of your arrival. If you renewed a passport before it expired, extra months may have been added to your new passport’s expiry date. Any extra months on your passport over 10 years may not count towards the 6 months that should be remaining for travel to most countries in Europe. You can click here to check the validity on their site

Lanzarote Population Growing

Since 1998 the Canarian population has grown by 30.5% which is an increase from 497,670 people  to over 2.1 million people according to the Statistics of the Historical Evolution of the Istac Population.
Fuerteventura is the island where the population has grown the most as it has more than doubled, from 49,020 inhabitants in 1998 to 113,275 last year, a situation similar to that of Lanzarote, which had 84,849 inhabitants in 1998 and now has 149,183.

Tenerife is the most populated island of the archipelago, with 904,713 people compared to the 677,485 that it had twenty years ago, while Gran Canaria closed last year with 846,717 inhabitants for the 715,994 that it had twenty years ago.

In the ‘green islands’ the demographic growths are more attenuated because La Palma has 81,863 inhabitants compared to 78,198 in 1998, and La Gomera with 21,136 over the 16,790 two decades ago.

In addition, these two islands are the only islands of the archipelago that have lost population in the last decade.

The other ‘green island’, that of El Hierro, has gone from 7,679 inhabitants in 1998 to 10,798 last year, while in the last decade it has maintained its demographic indicators