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Guacimeta Airport To Change Its Name

On 21st December Council Ministers decided to rename the airport to César Manrique airport. Although the new name has still not come into effect it is expected to be agreed and changed soon and could take place during the spring, considering that it will be in the month of April which will be the centenary of the artist’s birth.

Cesar Manrique is a well respected artist resposible for many of the architectural regulations on the island. His works dominate the landscape with wind machines positioned on the roundabouts and paintings depicting the volcanic landscape.


Brits Dominate the Winter Tourism in Lanzarote

The main British airlines are planning to offer more than 600,000 seats between airports in the United Kingdom and Lanzarote during the current winter season which will last until the end of March, with an increase of 8.2% compared to last winter season. The boom is expected to serve, albeit at the expense of closing contracts, so that British tourism continues as the first support of the tourism sector in Lanzarote in the short and medium term and has been announced at a press conference. The German sector of tourism has planned 200,000 seats which is an increase of 27%

Lanzarote Has More Winter Flights

During the winter season, which starts on Sunday until the end of March, Lanzarote airport will add a weekly average of 565 connections, so there will be more activity than in the previous winter season, when the average was 523 weekly flights. There will be an increase of links  with Germany, Great Britain and Ireland. There will also be 200 inter island Canarian flights per week and 55 links with peninsular points.

Refurbishment at Lanzarote Airport

Terminal 1 in Arrecife airport will be the recipient of  2 million euros for new passport stalls. In 2019 the main terminal will have a new area for the control of passports with state of the ark equipment simular to other international airports.

The work  includes  dismantling existing booths, assembly of new control booths on the 12 existing boarding gates, renewal of automatic boarding gates, signaling and associated information screens and all electrical and communications networks.

In arrivals, with a budget of almost 1.24 million euros, there will be a modification of the current route of passengers once they disembark to carry out passport control by the National Police or by ABC control system (14 units are planned to be installed) ). Likewise, the rooms occupied by the Police will be updated with a proposal for new service areas (changing rooms and toilets), offices and police cells. The works include the demolition and dismantling of existing areas