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Popcorn Seaweed in The Canary Islands

Calcareous seaweed has become well know for its shape that resembles popcorn and in abundance on the Canary island of El Hierro due to an expoliation place on the beach. As published on Monday in Spanish newspapers El País, visitors are taking about ten kilos a month which is causing a deterioration of the landscape and violating the environment. This has led to the launch of a campaign by the local authorities. The beach is nicknamed PopCornBeach which has been used widely on Instagram with posts from June 27 of 2015. Similar beaches in the north of Fuerteventura have also become famous for the calcareous seaweed on the coast in the place of sand.

From a distance the beaches have a normal appearance but close up you can see that this is not the case and it is covered with pieces of popcorn. Actually, the pieces are white coral that has eroded on the shore, where they mix with volcanic rocks and sand.

The calcareous algae comes almost certainly from the bottom of the Bocaina strait which divides Lanzarote and Fuerteventura where there is a forest of rhodoliths that guarantee the fishing reserves off the coast of the municipality of La Oliva.

This species of algae does not have roots and is in the form of relatively compact balls that are brought to shore by waves. Sea urchins and the limpets feed on this algae which makes them very important to for sea life in the Canries

Que Bueno Awards Canarias

The Qué Bueno Awards Canarias Heineken recognize their trajectory and ability to conquer the most demanding palates with bold, original and top-notch gastronomical proposals. The Qué Bueno Awards Canarias are synonymous with culinary excellence and La Cascada Puerto, after being nominated for the third year in a row, has won an award for the Best BBQ category 2018. The Qué Bueno Awards! Canarias not only recognize the trajectory of La Cascada Restaurant achieved through effort and excellence, but also the ability to conquer the most demanding palates.

La Cascada stands out for the use of products from both local agriculture and livestock, fresh and top quality products used from its own butcher shop, ripening chambers and state-of-the-art machinery to treat and elaborate the products with excellence. Facilities that have been cataloged several times with Gold Category by HECANSA (Hotels Escuela de Canarias), attached to the Tourism Department of the Government of the Canary Islands. In addition, it is a pioneer in the organization of all types of events, working hand in hand with the event company D.O. Unique Events (www.doeventos.com) and has been prominent in the news on Spanish television and the Irish press.

Undoubtedly, La Cascada Puerto has positioned itself as one of the best restaurants on the island, becoming a reference point in Puerto del Carmen with an aesthetic, quality and unbeatable customer service.

Canary Islands Mark the New Year with Bells from Mainland Spain

Good news for the Canarians this year welcoming the New Year. As in the UK the chimes of Big Ben are symbolic to the celebrations of the approaching year ahead. As the canary islands are an hour behind  mainland Spain there has always been a designated church on one of the islands to mark the New Year. This year there will be a special double New Year celebration from the Puerta del So in Madrid. The emblematic Madrid clock will strike at 00.00 and again as a novelty at 01.00, to adapt also to the time zone of the Islands Canary Islands. For the first time since its installation in 1866, the clock of the Puerta del Sol will delay its hands one hour to adapt to the time zone of the Canary Islands.



Finale of Arrecife en Vivo

The very successful Arrecife en Vivo comes to an end tonight.
This popular weekly event has had people flocking into Lanzarote’s capital every Friday of this month.

It’s ends tonight, Thursday, with the below acts. Don’t miss out!

Monkey Faces 18:00, square CIC El Almacén
 Les Crazy Coconuts 19:30, Park Ramírez Cerdá
 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 21:00 Charco de San Ginés
 El Columpio Asesino – 22:30 Marina Lanzarote  
 Serial Killerz -00:00 Marina Lanzarote 

The Hiperdino Story

We are sure you recognize the friendly dinosaur logo of this Canarian chain of supermarkets called Hiperdino.

A bit of history….This company dates back to 1978 when the brand was created. It started off as just three stores and now operates on five of the seven Canary Islands, in more than 200 locations and employs overs 6000 people.

They are currently celebrating their anniversary and between the 25th September and the 9th October are offering great special offers and prizes to be won.