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Electric Scooters Removed in Arrecife

Electric rental scooters have appeared on the streets of Arrecife capital. They have been put on the streets by a German companyy called Wind. Unfortunateley the local police will start to remove them because the company does not have an activity license or permission to occupy the public road. Its a great idea for people to get around the city but unfortunatley this company has not gone through the proper chanels to provide this service.It was previously tested in Barcelona and Madrid but again the city councils ordered the withdrawal in both cities  just a few hours after their installation for not complying with their respective ordinances. Specifically, in the case of the city of Barcelona, ​​because rental scooters are only allowed accompanied by a guide and in the case of Madrid, customers were not specified areas where they could start or end their trip and the ordinance prohibits its use in certain spaces.

Carnival Exhibition in Arrecife

A new exhibition takes a tour through many of the carnival manifestations including a tour of the Carnival of Arrecife in the early twentieth century
The former seat of the town council of Lanzarote, now known as Casa Amarilla, hosts the exhibition ‘Buches & Diabletes – The Traditional Carnival’, which opened on Tuesday afternoon.

The inauguration started at 7:00 p.m. with the words of welcome from the exhibition coordinator, Miguel Ángel Martín Rosa, who thanked the work carried out by a whole team of professionals who gave their all to achieve the projected objective.

Arrecife Hop On Hop Off

If your at a loose end during your stay and are looking for something to do that is not going to cost a lot, why not take a bus into the capital Arrecife and jump on the hop on and off train that circuits the city. For just 4€ you can take a look at the points of interest. There are 2 lines to choose from

The Red Line starts from Charco San Ginés stopping at Calle Real, El Almacen, Playa El Reducto, Intercambiador Guaguas / Cabildo, Arrecife Gran Hotel, Real Club Nautico, Castillo de San Gabriel (History Museum), Marina Lanzarote and finishing at the Castillo de San José (International Museum of Contemporary Art).

The Blue Line Starts from Charco San Ginés stopping at the Castillo de San José (International Museum of Contemporary Art), Estacion de Guaguas, Teatro Insular, Intercambiador Guaguas, Arrecife Gran Hotel, Real Club Nautico, Castillo de San Gabriel (History Museum), finishing at Marina Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Big Band

For anyone on holiday in Lanzarote at the moment this is a fantastic evening event not to be missed.

The Lanzarote Big Band are on at the Gran Hotel Pool Bar in Arrecife tonight at 22.00. The 15 piece orchestra are complemented by the wonderful voice of Colin Farrell and they put on a great show of swing, big band songs and also some new modern numbers.

Thoroughly recommended. Tickets can be bought at the entrance for 8 euros.
For those not lucky enough to be on the island this week, the Lanzarote Big Band can be seen at this venue on the last Saturday of every month.


Arrecife Sees Record Numbers of Cruise Ships

The waters of Arrecife are estimated to reach a minimum of 60,000 cruise passengers in this month of December which based on the more than 35 stopovers scheduled by the Port Authority of Las Palmas. This weekend three cruise ships alone will arrive between the ports Naos and Los Mármoles.

Christmas will see a dozen stopovers from Christmas Eve and the penultimate day of the year.
It is likely that the year willclose with more cruise passengers than in 2017. The passenger figures have hit 297,500 from January 2018 to October 2018 which is a rise of 3.5%.

In the first ten months, almost 400,000 passengers passed through Arrecife, 207 stops were added and almost 1.4 million tons of goods were moved.

Arrecife Taxi Drivers Collect for Charity

At the beginning of this month the taxi drivers of Arrecife have organised a special receptacle in the shape of a taxi cab to deposit plastic bottle tops at their headquarters in the borough of Maneje. Plastic bottle top collection is becoming more popular on the island with the local councils installing cages in different areas for the public to make deposits of the bottle tops which can be used to recycle and make money for charities.

The chauffeurs have already managed to collect and donate a deposit of bottle tops weighing 190 kilos, and will shortly be depositing a second batch of 100 kilos.

Sun Warning Traffic Lights in Lanzarote

The Insular Emergency Consortium has invested 14,500 euros in new solar warning lights which can be found on the beach of El Reducto in Arrecife. This new machine is designed to measure radiation and offers a various elements aimed at preventing skin injuries caused by radiation. These warning lights are already in operation in the Balearic islands of Mallorca, Formentera and Ibiza and also in Malaga south of mainland Spain.
The lights have been named solar traffic lights and are what can be described as visible totem poles easily seen by the public with five luminous elements, in a gradual scale of colors (green, yellow, orange, red and violet). They inform in real time the existing level of solar radiation. At the base there is an explanatory table about what each color implies in order for the user to take preventive measures against the sun.

A computer allows you to make personalized assessments thanks to an interactive system. It will advise you on the maximum recommended time in the sun without prior application of preventive products such as sun tan lotion. The idea is help to set off expense in the healthcare system for health complaints which are sun related. There are plans to instal more machines in the tourist resorts and on the island of Graciosa

Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools for Arrecife

Arrecife has a definitive project to developed natural pools in the waters close to the port area of Naos designed by a local architect Maximiliano Valero. It’s an ambitious project to create a leisure area of this kind.
One of the pools is considered to be 50 meters long the size of an Olympic pool while the second will be smaller with an intention that both can be used more than 300 days a year. The execution budget has yet to be defined

Finale of Arrecife en Vivo

The very successful Arrecife en Vivo comes to an end tonight.
This popular weekly event has had people flocking into Lanzarote’s capital every Friday of this month.

It’s ends tonight, Thursday, with the below acts. Don’t miss out!

Monkey Faces 18:00, square CIC El Almacén
 Les Crazy Coconuts 19:30, Park Ramírez Cerdá
 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 21:00 Charco de San Ginés
 El Columpio Asesino – 22:30 Marina Lanzarote  
 Serial Killerz -00:00 Marina Lanzarote 

Lanzarote Live

The music festival continues tonight in Arrecife with 5 more acts. Its all free so if you are on the island and fancy a music tour tonight here is the programme

18.00h at the Playa El Reducto

19.30h at Parque Ramirez Cerda
Los Brazos

21.00h at Charco San Gines
This Drama

22.30 at Marina Lanzarote
Toy Dolls

00.00h at Marina Lanzarote
Stereomotor DJ