Birding Holidays in Lanzarote

Lanzarote, with its all year round, spring-like temperatures is a haven for bird watchers.
The island offers birders a number of interesting species and sub species.
Famara, on the north west coast, with its sweeping bay and 600m high cliffs is one of he best places to see Barbary Falcon and if you are lucky then you may see Eleonora’s Falcon, Osprey and Egyptian Vulture.
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Famara Cliffs and Beach, Lanzarote

Famara Cliffs and Beach, Lanzarote

The recently built golf course at Puerto del Carmen (Tias) has become home to a fairly wide selection of rare migrants including Eurasian Wigeon, Northern Pintail, Collared Pratincole, Little Ringed Plover, Squacco Heron, Garganey, Northern Shoveler, Eurasian Marsh Harrier, Whiskered Tern,Temminck’s Stint  and Calandra Lark amongst others.
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Golf Course PDC

Puerto Del Carmen Golf Course in Lanzarote

The Barranco of Tabayesco (Temisa)  on the east coast of the island has far more vegetation and is the best place for place to see African Blue Tit, Sardinian and Spectacled Warblers. The trees here attract migrating Passerines, Thrushes, Robins and Blackcap. Common Buzzards are present in winter.
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Tabayesco Barranco (Temisa)

Tabayesco Barranco (Temisa)

Arrecife is the island’s capital but the rocky coastline and reefs are ideal places to see Herons, Waders, Gulls and Terns. Next to the Bus Station is a small tree area where the Cattle Egrets are now nesting after being moved from the Islas Canarias Park. The reef behind the San Gabriel castle is the best place to see Ring-billed gulls, Black crowned night heron, Spoonbill, Northern Pintail, Audouins, Mediterranean and Ring-billed gulls, Sandwich, Common, Roseate, Little and Whiskered Tern.
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El Charco

Arrecife, Lanzarote .

The east coast resort of Costa Teguise is home to the Costa Teguise Golf Course. Here you will find Babary Partidge, Laughing Dove and migrants like Wryneck, Scops Owl, Golden Oriole, Bee-eaters, Swallows, Pitpits, Warblers and Flycatchers.
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Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

Playa Jablillo Beach, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

Although Lanzarote has a desert like climate, more rural parts of the island have more vegetation and are more attractive to migrants, for example, Laughing Doves which can often be seen at Mala or Guatiza on the east coast of the island.
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Haria, Valley of 1000 Palms, Lanzarote

Haria, Lanzarote

Heading south of Lanzarote, the large salt pans at Janubio is where to find migrant and winter Ducks. The shore of the lagoon is the best place to see Black-winged Stilt. Kentish Plover nest here and more rare species like Common Shelduck, Greater Scaup, Grey Phalarope and White-Rumped and Spotted Sandpiper have been seen here.
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Playa Flamingo Beach, Playa Blanca, Lanzarote