Natural Pool Planned for El Golfo

The mayor of Yaiza has had a meeting with the residents and a technical drafting team to reform coatal area of El Golfo on the west coast with two natural pools. This will take advantage of an existing depression on the beach. The basic design foresees the installation of a pool of seawater measuring 1,500 square meters and divided into two sections with maximum depth of one and two meters and a ramp and stairs for access. The project will cost 1 million euros under an agreement signed between the Ministry of Environment. It will be a great recreation developement in the village which at the moment is well known for its fish restaurants and visited by many tourists each year

New Bodega in Lanzarote

A businessman called Domingo Cabrera will open a new winery, with the name of Tierra Virgen, in La Geria. An excavated plot of 1,700 square meters, which will launch 100,000 bottles.  The bodega will be equipped with the most modern technology for winemaking and the first vintage will be expected to produce about 100,000 bottles of all varieties, red, pink and muscat. Contacts have already been initiated with several grape growers to buy the grapes, with the expectation that at least in this first year of start-up of the winery, at least 60% of the fruit will come from the purchase to vine growers of the island and the rest of the own vineyards of the farms of Tierra Virgen

Camino de los Gracioseros

It looks very inviting but do you think you have the stamina to reach the beautiful beaches at the base of the Mirador del Rio. There are steps that lead you down the 600m drop to the base of the mountain. The deserted beaches and aqua blue waters make it look very worth while. This route used to be a regular causeway for the wives of fishermen who used to take this route to trade fish from the island of Graciosa many,many years ago

Amura Puerto Calero

This distinctive restaurant in Puerto Calero is popular not only for dining but also events and celebrations. Its privileged position overlooking the marina makes it an ideal venue for weddings and a bonus is it also features in the Michelin Guide so you can be sure of a unique gastronomic experince. Events can be held in one of the exclusive rooms which can hold up to 525 guests. For more information including reservations and the menu click here to browse the website

Record Visits to Lanzarote Tourist Centres

Lanzarote tourist centres closed the year of 2018 with a record of 29.6 million euros generated by 3 million visitors. This is an improvement of 9.7% over the previous year 2017. A spokesman for Lanzarote Council said “These figures are, in short, the result of putting the effort, responsibility and professionalism of all workers at the service of an entity that is the heritage and pride of all Lanzarote. Without them, it would be impossible to achieve the objectives set”

Villas with Gated Pools in Lanzarote

Family holidays give you that special chance to spend some quality time together. Its a time when parents, grandparents and grand children can be under the same roof in a relaxed atmosphere. Villa holidays are good for offering relaxation for the older members of the party and a private pool for the kids to splash around in. It can be a worry though if there are very young children in the party and no matter how much you try to relax you need to keep your eyes open with regard to the dangers of having a swimming pool in your garden. Lanzarote Villa Choice have put together a seletion of villas with gated pools for those of you that worry about the danger and can have some piece of mind knowing that the pool cannot be accessed so easily by the toddlers. You can take a look at some of these vilas by clicking here

Personalised Souvenirs From Lanzarote

Taking back gifts from Lanzarote can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have been here a few times and have allready gifted many of the traditional crafted items you find in the shops. There is shop in Puerto del Carmen which gives you the oportunity to personolise your gifts.

You can add your holiday photos to a huge number of gifts offered in store. Mugs, mouse mats, phone cases, t shirts, coasters etc. For more information, please see their website by clicking here

Caldera Blanca

The Caldera Blanca is one of the highest peaks created in the volcanic eruptions in 1736 and located in the centre of Lanzarote around the region of Timanfaya National Park. Its a popular walk for hiking with a route starting from the church of Dolores and lasting 10 kilometres along a combination of pathways which are suitable for anyone to use crossing the volcanic lava fields with spectacular views of the crater. Its another way to explore this volcanic region for which Lanzarote is well known for and take advantage of seeing a volcano up close.

La Degollada Lanzarote

Scarcely mentioned in any of the tourist information the village of La Degollada is a small hamlet situated close to the well known village of Yaiza. Its a beautiful viewpoint overlooking a valley and the Timanfaya National Park. The earliest mention of the settlement was recorded in 1772 by a military engineer Jose Ruiz Cermeno where it was said to have 86 inhabitants.

Possible Tax Cut For Brits

Brexit seems to be a never ending part of our lives and whether you voted leave or remain, we are are still waiting for some sort of clarification. There are a few people holding off their holiday arrangements until we all know exactly what will happen. Its not just affecting the UK. The canarian government are considering a local tax cut to British tourists to entice the Brits to the island following the weekend pound. Like some long haul destinations visitors will be expected to keep reciepts for their purchases and the tax can be refunded by the authorities