Lanzarote has through history strong links with South America and the Caribean. There have been many people come to settlle on the island from these countries so its not surprising that they have brought some of their customs and traditions with them.

You may find on the menu in some of the bars Arepas. This is a versatil dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Arepa is one the most popular foods in Colombia. They’re served in almost every home and are the equivalent of tortillas in Mexico and bread in Italy.

These delicious corn cakes can be prepared with so many different types of fillings or toppings. You can stick to the classic ones or you can create your own based on inspiration from other dishes. You can combine flavors and ingredients that you love, or simply use the ingredients you have available at home.

Ryanair Cancelled Flights

Its been quiete well publicised now in the news that Ryanair are cancelling flights over the next weeks as they have back log of holidays for their staff. Despite the apologies from the directors and the admission that they mad a hug damaging mistake, it does n’t really help many of us who have planned and booked flights over the next weeks.

Luckily flights from the UK to Lanzarote have not been affected. The only flights that have been cut are from Lanzarote to Madrid for the time being. For full details you can check their webpage for up to date information

Arrecife En Vivo

Its back again! The music festival thats free to attend and brings the capital to life over the next couple of weeks.

The Arrecife Live Festival this year gives a qualitative leap after gathering 14,000 spectators in 2016 and receiving the Prize for the Best Small Festival in Spain at the Iberian Festival Awards.

This edition of Lanzarote with music in the street returns this Friday September 22 to be continue the following Friday September 29, and on October 6 and 13, 2017.

The Councilor for Tourism of the City Council of Arrecife, Rafael Juan González, has stressed that it is “one of the most important events of the tourist-cultural calendar, not only in Lanzarote but throughout the Canaries. The figures speak for themselves, 14,000 spectators corroborate the success of the festival. The festival designed for the enjoyment of everyone on the island whether locals, residents or visitors. More information on who is parforming and where cand be fornd on the Lanzarote En Vivo Website

Caleton Blanco

Popular with locals Caleton Blanco is a small white sanded beach hidden in the north of the island. the rock pools and blue lagoon offers visitors a chance to cool down from the sunbathing in the carefully constucted bunkers to shelter you from any wind. There is an atmosphere is of extreme tranquility apart from the distant roar of the ocean.

Some areas of the beach are ideal for children as they are sheltered by the rocks, others are deeper and they are more suited to swimming in the cool open seas. To enjoy a swim in all its splendor, it is best to go at almost high tide. The beach has a good area for parking. Its turquoise waters, tranquility, the quality of the natural sand and the almost guaranteed sunshine are priceless.


It doesn’t happen often and if it does there is plenty of warning so that you can take care but some jellyfish have been spotted around the Papagayo beaches which has meant that a yellow flag has been hoisted.

Jellyfish are probably some of the most unusual and mysterious creatures that you’ll ever encounter. Jellyfish are about 98 percent water. If a jellyfish washes up on the beach, it will mostly disappear as the water evaporates. Most are transparent and bell-shaped. Their bodies have radial symmetry,which means that the body parts extend from a central point like the spokes on a wheel. If you cut a jellyfish in half at any point, you’ll always get equal halves. Jellyfish have very simple bodies — they don’t have bones, a brain or a heart. To see light, detect smells and orient themselves, they have rudimentary sensory nerves at the base of their tentacles.

Take care if you see one as they gan give you a very nasty sting

Common signs and symptoms of jellyfish stings include:

  • Burning, prickling, stinging pain
  • Red, brown or purplish tracks on the skin — a “print” of the tentacles’ contact with your skin
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Throbbing pain that radiates up a leg or an arm

Severe jellyfish stings can affect multiple body systems. These reactions may appear rapidly or several hours after the stings. Signs and symptoms of severe jellyfish stings include:

  • Stomach pain, nausea and vomiting
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain or spasms
  • Weakness, drowsiness, fainting and confusion
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Heart problems

The severity of your reaction depends on:

  • The type and size of the jellyfish
  • Your age, size and health, with severe reactions more likely in children and people in poor health
  • How long you were exposed to the stingers
  • How much of your skin is affected

When to see a doctor

Seek emergency treatment if you have severe symptoms.


Jellyfish tentacles contain microscopic barbed stingers. Each stinger has a tiny bulb that holds venom and a coiled, sharp-tipped tube. The jellyfish uses the venom to protect itself and kill prey.

When you brush against a tentacle, tiny triggers on its surface release the stingers. The tube penetrates the skin and releases venom. It affects the immediate area of contact and may enter the bloodstream.

Jellyfish that have washed up on a beach may still release venomous stingers if touched.

Types of jellyfish

While many types of jellyfish are relatively harmless to humans, some can cause severe pain and are more likely to cause a systemic reaction. These jellyfish cause more-serious problems in people:

  • Box jellyfish. Box jellyfish can cause intense pain. Life-threatening reactions — although rare — are more common with this type. The more dangerous species of box jellyfish are in the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans.
  • Portuguese man-of-war. Also called bluebottle jellyfish, Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish live mostly in warmer seas. This type has a blue or purplish gas-filled bubble that keeps it afloat on the water and acts as a sail.
  • Sea nettle. Common in both warm and cool seawaters, sea nettles live along the northeast coast of the United States and are abundant in the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Lion’s mane jellyfish. These are the world’s largest jellyfish, with a body diameter of more than 3 feet (1 meter). They’re most common in cooler, northern regions of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Risk factors

Conditions that increase your risk of getting stung by jellyfish include:

  • Swimming at times when jellyfish appear in large numbers (a jellyfish bloom)
  • Swimming or diving in jellyfish areas without protective clothing
  • Playing or sunbathing where jellyfish are washed up on the beach
  • Swimming in a place known to have many jellyfish


Possible complications of a jellyfish sting include:

  • Delayed hypersensitivity reaction, causing blisters, rash or other skin irritations one to two weeks after the sting
  • Irukandji syndrome, which causes chest and stomach pain, high blood pressure and heart problems

Good news is you wont find them in your swimming pool!

Ryanair Baggage Policy Changes

From 01/11/2017 Ryanair will be changing their baggage policy. This is mainly to encourage passengers to check in bacgs and reduce the carry ons which should reduce boarding delays.

The new allowances are as follows

The check-in bag allowance will increase from 15kg to 20kg for all bags

The standard check-in bag fee will be cut from €/£35 to €/£25 for this 20kg bag

Only Priority Boarding customers (including Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus) will be allowed to bring two carry-on bags on the aircraft

All other (i.e. non-priority) customers will only be allowed to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board the aircraft, while their second (bigger) wheelie bag must be placed in the hold (free of charge) at the boarding gate

Craft Fair

Lanzarote Handicraft Fair has attracted over 10,000 visitors this year. Its the most important craft fair on the island and one of the most important in the Canary Islands. There were over 100 stalls participating from all over the Canaries and a delegation from Cape Verde which was the invited country. Throughout the weekend there were exhibitions, live music and fashion shows.

This is a yearly event and the dates for 2018 will be released soon

Jameos Music Festival

I visited the Jameos Music Festival on Friday night. This was the last of this year. There have been 4 which started in July where well known DJ’s are invited to perform. Its a unique place to hold an event like this and the caves make a spectacular backdrop with perfect acoustics. Tickets tend to sell out fast so if you are interested in attending any events next year its best to keep an eye on the cactlanzarote website

Cocktail Bar Puerto del Carmen

Well worth a visit La Delicatezza bar in Puerto del Carmen is a true cocktail bar offering a tremendos menu mixed by highly skilled barmen.

This team of professional bartenders have created an experience offering new tastes whilst looking at the perfect harmony between them. Its a show in itself watching the cocktails being prepared and they are presented in a unique way. Guaranteed you woill not taste a cocktail like one of these anywhere else on the island

For more information click here


Sweet Potato Restuarant in San Bartolome

For many people on the island, the sweet potatoe is an essential food of the daily diet. This vegetable is part of the culture, tradition and is represented in many local recipes in Lanzarote. A group of cooks formed by Isidro Pérez, Alejandra Ordenes and Paolo Meli, have recently opened a small shop in the village of San Bartolomé, where they offer meals made exclusively with sweet potatoe.

The menus vary daily, incorporating new recipes and some existing recipies from other countries. The goal is to recover the old recipes and other unknown exotic ones.

The menu includes sweet potato tortillas, sweet potato gnocchi, vegetable hamburger with sweet potato, Chinese noodles with sweet potato or traditional chips (sweet potato chips), sweet potato and sweet potato along with yogurt Goat’s milk with potato jam. In addition, the menu will vary daily and in fact incorporate recipes from countries like India or Japan, with dry and one hundred percent organic ecological.