Cesar Manrique Tour

Its difficult not to see the influence Cesar Manrique has left on the island of Lanzarote. Most people that visit Lanzarote will hear or see his name whilst travelling around if they are sightseeing. If you are particularly interested in architecture, art or the developement of Lanzarote then following this artist will give you agreat insight and will answer many questions. One way of getting the information is through a guided tour that will take you to some of the important structures and view sights such as the Monument of El Camesino, Valley of the thousand palms, Mirador del Rio, Green Caves and Jameos del Agua, Jardine de Cactus and the Cesar Manrique Foundation one of his homes.  This interesting and informative tour can be booked by clicking here


Teguise Christmas Lights Are On!

Teguise village is a pretty village throughout the year but at Christmas time the lights and decorations make it even more beautiful. The lights have been switched on this week and the display is probably one of the best the village has displayed throughout the years. The figures with LED lighting of the nativity scene adorn the slope of the Mountain of Guanapay. Hundreds of lights are  staged around Teguise at the entrance, roundabouts and main squares. The fortress of Santa Bárbara Castle is decorated with a unusual green mantle. This year the the local council have been carefull to use used low-energy lighting. Well worth a visit at night

Ice Skating in Lanzarote!

The latest attraction at the Biosfera Plaza Shopping Centre in Puerto del Carmen is no other than a Skating Rink!

The synthetic rink is environmentally friendly and is a hundred square metres large. It’s located on the top floor of the shopping centre together with the Cine 6D, Jurassic Park Crazy Golf and Open Air Cinema.

A great attraction for all ages and it is open from 10am until 10pm every day. Tickets cost 5 euros for 30 minutes and children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Arrecife Sees Record Numbers of Cruise Ships

The waters of Arrecife are estimated to reach a minimum of 60,000 cruise passengers in this month of December which based on the more than 35 stopovers scheduled by the Port Authority of Las Palmas. This weekend three cruise ships alone will arrive between the ports Naos and Los Mármoles.

Christmas will see a dozen stopovers from Christmas Eve and the penultimate day of the year.
It is likely that the year willclose with more cruise passengers than in 2017. The passenger figures have hit 297,500 from January 2018 to October 2018 which is a rise of 3.5%.

In the first ten months, almost 400,000 passengers passed through Arrecife, 207 stops were added and almost 1.4 million tons of goods were moved.

Blue Note Restaurant Playa Blanca

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in the Marina Rubicon in Playa Blanca. Every type of cuisine is catered for so it can be quite confusing if you are looking for a restaurant on the spare of the moment. One restaurant that offers a different ambience to the majority is the Blue Note restaraunt with its front line location overlooking the marina. Not only is it a great place to eat but there is regular live music wich specialises in jazz. If you are a jazz fan then the low lighting and general feel will make you feel very much at home. A great relaxing experience to finish your day

25th Anniversary of Lanzarotes Title Biosfephere Reserve

The Lanzarote council has proposed an ambitious collective challenge to put a finishing touch to the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the title of the Biosphere Reserve. The president accompanied by the counselor of the Biosphere Reserve and the president of Rotary Club Lanzarotehave collaborated to plant 100 plants for each of the 25 years that Lanzarote has been awarded the title of Biosfera Reserve with 2,500 native plants. The Biosphere Reserve has the support of Rotary Club Lanzarote and an arm of volunteers from a group called ‘together we are Biosfera’ to add the plants to different areas around the island. The Biosphere specialises in the developement, conservation and better management of the islands natural resources.

O Reillys Bar Puerto del Carmen

Regular travellers to Puerto del Carmen will have noticed a major refurbishment taking place over the summer in the commercial centre of Central Atlantico on bthe main beach road. A large part of the upper level has been taken over by O`Reillys irish bar taking over the space that was once occupied by 3 bars. This bar is popular for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. There are open and covered terraces with telivisions showing up to date sporting events and live music.

Electric Cars on Lanzarote

Last Saturday the locals of Playa Blanca were invited to share by the Association of Users of Electric Vehicles (AUVE) their experience of sustainable electric cars answering questions related including information regarding the maintenance of the vehicles. The idea was to promote the use of these sustainable cars and address any concerns anyone may have with regards to purchasing one.
The Technological Institute of the Canary Islands, which in Lanzarote has the support of Yaiza town council concentrates on the introduction of electric vehicles on the island using owners to point out the benefits. There are more and more charging points being allocated around the island with a view that one day this will be the most economic and envioromental friendly form of travel

Lanzarote Marathon

In a couple of weeks Lanzarote will be holding its 38th national marathon. A good time of year for this sporting event as the temperature are expected to be around 19 degrees Celsius. The route follows the coast and passes through Costa Teguise, Arrecife, San Bartolome and Puerto del Carmen. If you are feeling energetic and want to participate, you do not have to enter into the full race as there are 3 distances offered so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this race. The distances offered are 42k, 21k and 10k.

On th 08/12/18 the 42km will start at 8am from Costa Teguise, the 21km will start at 10.30 from Puerto del Carmen and the 10km will start from Arrecife at 12.00pm

Awards will be given for  different categories based on age and gender.

To enter click here 

Teguise Gastronomic Fair

The market in Teguise was disrupted yesterday to make way for the 8th Gastronomic fair which celebrates the best cuisine of Lanzarote and the other Canary islands. Having grown over the years the fair now takes over much of the space used by the market traders for this 2 day event. Close to 100 exhibitors participated provided an insight to local business in this sector along with demonstrations and food and wine tasting provided in restaurants, wineries, dairies , hotels, craft breweries and sweet cooking establishments.