Celebrity Spotting in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is quickly becoming a very sought after and popular holiday destination for many popular celebrities. Whether they be well known worldwide or just in the Uk or Spain, one thing they all have in common is the love for our beautiful island of Lanzarote.

And who can blame them?! With year round sunshine, fabulous restaurants and stunning scenery, what’s not to love.

Here are just a few popular names of people who choose Lanzarote as a holiday destination:

José Luis Zapatero (ex Spanish President)
David and Samantha Cameron (ex Prime Minister and wife)
Penélope Cruz (Actress)
Jenson Button (Formula 1 driver)
Jon Kortajarena (model and actor)
Helen Lindes (Ex Miss España and model)
Cat Deeley (tv presenter)


5th Arrecife Live Festival

Its here again! Free music concerts in Arrecife celebrating the 5th Arrecife Live Festival. The concerts take place in the streets, squares, beach and the lagoon next to the marina. Its this time of year for the specific reason that the trade winds have come to an end and the temperatures in general are around 23 degrees celcius. Autumn is just the perfect time for these outdoor concerts. There are 18 national and international bands taking part on 4 different stages and 4 DJs to keep the party moving. The stages will be moved every Friday to different parts of the city. Dates are from 21/09 to 28/09 and 05/10 to 11/10.

Los Charcones in Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is a resort surrounded by many natural surprises, The volcanic landscape and nationaly protected beaches of Papagayo are the well documented but Los Charcones is one of the unspoilt places that is not so well known. Its about a 5 minute drive from the resort centre but worth a visit if you are looking for some downtime and complete relaxation. From the Pechiguera lighthouse there are some beautiful natural unspoilt pools stretching across the coastline for almost 2 kilometres. Ideal for taking a dip and enjoying the Lanzarote sunshine. Its only accesible by dirt track which gives you an idea of how many people you will find there……. not many.

The Pilgrims Take To The Roads

Hundreds of pilgrims took to the roads on Saturday, all from different parts of the island making their way to Mancha Blanca to pay homage to the Virgen of Los Dolores. Many of them this year started earlier than in previous years to avoid the hot temperatures during the day which have been dominating the island over the past week due to the calima.

To help the pilgrims on their way the Art, Culture and Tourism Centers supplied 770 kilos of fruit and 9,000 bottles of water in various stations on route to the church.

The traditional offering to the Virgin of Los Dolores started at 6:45 pm. The councils offered baskets filled with local products including dried fish, pejines and grains such as peas, lentils and sweet potatoes amongst other traditional Lanzarote produce. These are all later given to the people most in need.

Its not just the islanders that get involved. This year a delegation from the island of Gran Canaria, specifically from the municipality of Teror participated in the pilgrimage and made a donation to the Virgen de Los Dolores .

A special public transport service with buses connected Arrecife and Mancha Blanca every 30 minutes for those who did not want to walk

Airport Passenger Stats for August

The 8 Canarian airports registered more than 4 million passengers, 2.2% more with the highest Passenger traffic in August were Gran Canaria and Tenerife South, with 1,145,731 (+ 5.1%) and 917,107 (-2.6%) respectively. They are followed by Lanzarote Airport, with 685.221 (-5%); Fuerteventura, with 570.461 (-0.3%); Tenerife North, with 535.910 (+ 15.7%); La Palma, with 132,346 (+ 11%); El Hierro, with 26,245 (+ 16.6%), and La Gomera, with 9,336 passengers and the largest percentage increase, 39.8% more. With regard to the number of operations, the airports of the archipelago registered 35,902 movements in total, 11.3% more. Of the total commercial flights, 21,064 were national (+ 24%) and 13,349 international (-4.2%). Goods traffic registered more than 2,946 tons transported, 2.1% less than in August 2017.

Kentia Restaurant Puerto del Carmen

Kentia gourmet restaurant is a place you can immerse yourself in creative cuisine combining flavors and techniques from different parts of the world and adapted with a fusion of Canarian techniques. The outside of the restaurant is impressive and the decor inside even more so. On top of the hillside of the old town in Puerto del Carmen the views are magnificent. The best part is its not just a restaurant, the cocktail bar is also very welcoming with live music on Friday nights. Every Friday from 9pm you can enjoy the very best of motown and soul music with singer Aaron Bruying. Somewhere to visit when on holiday in the resort. For more about Kentia Goumet Club click here


Cesar Manrique Foundation

The César Manrique Foundation has been recognised as one of the 10 best Spanish art galleries and has won a Travellers Choice award by TripAdvisor in the catagory of museums.

The Parisian Museum of Orsay has taken first place as the best museum in the world and the Prado Museum has been ranked as the best museum in Spain.

In the national ranking the César Manrique Foundation is in seventh position and has been noted as the former residence of the artist and that it contains two permanent exhibitions of contemporary art and another more representative of his work.

The winners are determined by using an algorithm that takes into account the quantity and quality of comments for museums around the world, over a period of 12 months.

Wonder Women Is In Fuerteventura

The Warner Bros took over natural park of the sand dunes in Fuerteventura to shoot the next feature film of Wonder Woman. The rate the company will pay to use the area over a 21 day span is around 10,500 euros which is a nice revenue for the local council in La Oliva. The actors move frpm shooting in Almeria to Fuerteventura this week. The film company have taken control of access to the natural park and specifically a wide area cordoned off on both sides of the closed road.

Security will be necessary to prevent tourists from approaching the scenery which expected to be a challenge for Warner Bros and the associated companies and also that photographs of Gal Gadot who will be playing Wonder Women are not taken

Earthquakes in the Canaries

Between Sunday night and early Monday morning there were two earthquakes measuring 3.1 and 3.0 degrees north of the Canary Islands. The movement has become more common in recent months although experts from the National Geographic Institute describe this activity as normal and within the parameters between which the Archipelago moves

At 20:28 this Sunday the first of the tremors was happened northwest of Fuerteventura with an intensity of 3.1 degrees. There was a further tremor registered measured at a level of 3 degrees further nort of the islands. Both tremors are considered by the IGN within the usual scales of the islands.

It is worth remembering that, since September 2, on the east coast of Tenerife, more than 10 low intensity earthquakes have been recorded -between 1.5 and 1.6-, although the frequency that was defined several months ago remains seismic. More than 200 miniterremotos have been counted in just 72 hours during the month of May this year.

Underwater Archeology On The Coast of Lanzarote

A company has been appointed to carry out different underwater archeology activities in order to find out more about Lanzarotes underwater archaeological heritage and the island of La Graciosa.The cost to carry out this project will be 380,000 euros concentrating in the areas of El Río and Caleta de Sebo, as well as Arrecife. The work will be carried out under water by specialists to diagnose the state of coservation and any risks prevailing. It is hoped that they will be able to extract archaeological material, which will be guarded by the Council and a possibility of finding a shipwreck during the works has not ruled out. The study ist to take place at the end of this year and be finished a year later.