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Valentines Day in Lanzarote

Happy Valentines day from Lanzarote! With the temperatures reaching 27 degrees during the day what better way to spend this special day with a loved one either by the pool or on the beach. For the evening you can make a date at the Rooftop Cinema where you can watch a romantic movie under the stars. There is a deal for couples and for 50€ for two you can enjoy pre booked seats with wine or Cava and a selection of chocolates.


Natural Pool Planned for El Golfo

The mayor of Yaiza has had a meeting with the residents and a technical drafting team to reform coatal area of El Golfo on the west coast with two natural pools. This will take advantage of an existing depression on the beach. The basic design foresees the installation of a pool of seawater measuring 1,500 square meters and divided into two sections with maximum depth of one and two meters and a ramp and stairs for access. The project will cost 1 million euros under an agreement signed between the Ministry of Environment. It will be a great recreation developement in the village which at the moment is well known for its fish restaurants and visited by many tourists each year

Book Lanzarote for Carnival

Turists flock to the island to enjoy the Carnival season. The canary islands have some of the best carnivals in Europe and there are plenty of oportunities to party. A little later this year but if you are looking to book to experience this magical time, then the dates are as follows.

  • Puerto del Carmen Carnival 2019 – March 9th. More details to be announced soon.
  • Costa Teguise Carnival 2019 – March 16th. More details to be announced soon.
  • Playa Blanca Carnival 2019 – March 30th. More details to be announced soon.
  • Arrecife Carnival 2019 – March 4th.

Green Caves Concerts in Lanzarote

This Saturday 19/01/19 there will be a concert in the Green Caves covering ballroom music and opera. The concert covers solo piano pieces and chamber music leading up to a climax with the most popular arias.The first part combines one of the deepest classicist pieces with the first romanticism, the humane and exquisite language of a mature Schubert. The second part focuses on Parisian salons, with pieces by Debussy, Chopin and Liszt. The Green caves are a spectacular location to listen to music and are known for their perfect acustics. Artists  Eugenia Boix (soprano) and Laia Masramón (piano) will be the main protagonists

Plans For New Beach In Costa Teguise Still Pending

February will the deadline for submitting suggestions and arguments to the project of the European Tourism company planning to create a new artificial beach in Costa Teguise, north of the resort, in a rocky area. As yet there been no developement moving the project forward and it continues at the expense of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition.

The plan is for a new luxury hotel with an investment of tens of millions of euros. According to official sources a report was sent to the peripheral Costas service to hold a hearing. The hearing is expected to help rectify all aspects of the plan.

Permission is need to use 20,500 cubic meters of sand, from the African continent, for 26,600 square meters of land.

Dinasaur Tour Visits Lanzarote

The largest animated exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs will visit Lanzarote on Saturday.This prehistoric exhibition will be inaugurated under a large tent installed at the fairground at the Recinto Ferial in Arrecife where it will occupy an area of ​​more than 1,500 square meters until Sunday 6 of January.

This traveling exhibition that has traveled more than a dozen European countries including Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Norway, Poland or Romania will have thirty unpublished full-size pieces, some of them animatronic, which will simulate the appearance and behavior of dinosaurs. Visitors will be able to see the latest technological advances. For more information click here



Mini Tapas Event In Tias

The eighth edition of the Mini Tapas event promoted jointly by the Tías council and local businesses will be held between 10th and 17th of November.
There is a program of activities and a press conference at the town hall to promote the event. A tapa and refreshment will cost just 3.50€ which will include a house wine or beer and non alcoholic drinks along with live music

Halloween Lanzarote

Lanzarote Halloween falls on the same day as the dead are remembered. The 31st October is the Christian festival known as hallows day. Halloween has become increasingly popular on the island and the American custom of trick and treating. Rancho Texas has a party every year which has areputation of being a very good evening

Lanzarote Air Show in Teguise

This Thursday the Eagle Air Patrol of the Air Force will be at the Military Aerodrome of Guacimeta preparing for an display which can be seen on Sunday. The show is part of a program of events to celebrate the 600 years of the municiple of Teguise. The Patrol is composed of 7 planes, and 8 aircraft of type E-25 (C-101) will be deployed, accompanied by a T-21 (CN-295) aircraft that will transport personnel and support teams.

On Friday, a preliminary test is planned, in order to take references of the terrain, the buildings and the situation of the public and  to comply with all safety standards of a display. In addition, a visit has been arranged for the students of Teguises to the Guacimeta facilities to see the planes.

The maneuvers on Sunday, starting at noon, will be framed in a standardized table and approved by the Chief of Air Staff. It should mean that this table is the same as the Patrol performs in all its exhibitions whether nationally or internationally.

Dorethea III in Puerto Calero

Dorethea III is a 147.64 Marco Polo Series luxury motor yacht built by Cheoy Lee in China which set sail in 2007.This luxury vessel’s sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of Ron Holland Design. Previously named Marco Polo, her luxurious interior was designed by KCA International Interior Architects. It is currently in Puerto Calero marina collecting funds for educational materials and clothes for the poor in Cape Verdes and Brazil which it is to planned to stop over the next weeks. The yacht will be in Puerto Calero until the 15/10/18 and ready to receive donations.