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Dam in Lanzarote

Curiosity has got the better of me with regard to the dam that can be seen on the left when driving past Guatiza heading up to the north. I decided to park the car and take a walk to see what was behind it. Its a steep walk up on a gravel path and close to the top I got excited as I passed a construction which was owned by the local water authority. I wanted expecting to see a lake at the top, maybe being just a bit naive knowing that we have a severe lack of rainfall here on the island. Arriving at the top imagine my disappointment to find that behind the construction there was not a drop of water, not even a puddle. There was however evidence that the valley does collect a considerable amout of water as the trough was full of green trees. The dam has in fact never been in operation despite plans going back to 1950’s when it was first proposed to use the area for water conservation. It was worth the walk if not only for the panoramic views across the east coast of the island.

Tuna In Lanzarote

Lanzarote is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean which is rich in marine life especially Tuna. This salt water fish comprises of 15 different species which vary in size. The largest being the Bluefin which can grow up to 15ft and can live up to 50 years. These fish are especially streamlined making them perfectly adapted to reach a speed. Deep sea fishing is a popular sport on the island and for visitors there is no shortage of excursions to take you out for the day. The rocky bottoms that feature sandy patches, slopes, boulders, wrecks are an oasis for jigging anglers. You can fish vertically during the whole season and catch Atlantic Bonito, grouper, wahoo, barracudas and Moroccan dentex

Camino de los Gracioseros

It looks very inviting but do you think you have the stamina to reach the beautiful beaches at the base of the Mirador del Rio. There are steps that lead you down the 600m drop to the base of the mountain. The deserted beaches and aqua blue waters make it look very worth while. This route used to be a regular causeway for the wives of fishermen who used to take this route to trade fish from the island of Graciosa many,many years ago

Ice Skating in Lanzarote!

The latest attraction at the Biosfera Plaza Shopping Centre in Puerto del Carmen is no other than a Skating Rink!

The synthetic rink is environmentally friendly and is a hundred square metres large. It’s located on the top floor of the shopping centre together with the Cine 6D, Jurassic Park Crazy Golf and Open Air Cinema.

A great attraction for all ages and it is open from 10am until 10pm every day. Tickets cost 5 euros for 30 minutes and children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.

O Reillys Bar Puerto del Carmen

Regular travellers to Puerto del Carmen will have noticed a major refurbishment taking place over the summer in the commercial centre of Central Atlantico on the main beach road. A large part of the upper level has been taken over by O`Reillys irish bar taking over the space that was once occupied by 3 bars. This bar is popular for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. There are open and covered terraces with telivisions showing up to date sporting events and live music.

Lanzarote Free Digital Discount Card

LanzaroteON are offering a free digital discount card which can be used in various locations on the island just by downloading their app. It’s a great aid with information on excursions, shopping, restaurants and bars. If you have booked your holiday and are looking for more information at hand then this app will help you explore the island. Acting as your personal tour guide listing the venues on the island with discounts. For more information or to download click here

Flying in Lanzarote

If you would like to try something very different and daring during your Lanzarote holiday then this could be for you…

Famaraiso invite you to fly with the birds over the volcanos and beautiful Famara cliff tops. They will teach you to Paraglide from different launches across the island each to suit the wind direction of that day. Starting off from gentle slopes you will progress to flights with a 600m height difference.
You can view more information and contact them by clicking here

Lanzarote Escape Rooms

Have you heard that Lanzarote now has 2 Escape Rooms?

If you haven´t heard about this new popular craze, it is a new type of adventure game where people are locked in a room and have to figure out how to escape by using clues, puzzles and riddles.

Sounds intriguing doesn´t it?

If you want to find out more, there are 2 on the island. One in Arrecife and the other in Playa Blanca,

Escape Room Lanzarote –

Island Quest Escape Rooms –


Keep Fit On Holiday

Its quite easy and cheap to keep fit in Lanzarote. You dont need to find a gym to burn off those extra calories. If you want to incorporate a bit of exercise in to your day you can always hire a bike from the many shops that are dotted around the resorts. You can spend a day sight seeing whilst stoping off at a local bar for a smoothy or fresh fish lunch. If you have a fitness regime that you dont want to miss then you have plenty of good places to run or walk. There are plenty of people in the morning and evenings running along the seafronts of all the resorts and if you want to step it up then you can run across country or on the beach whilst breathing in that fresh sea air!. A great tip for some exercise is to locate your nearest exercise machines. These are free and every zone has them. They are not hi tech machines but help you work against your own body weight. There are also some step machines and cross trainers. The local councils have installed these in certain areas to help the public do some exercise, so there’s no excuse

Lanzarote Fatbike Tours

Feeling energetic? Cycling enthusiasts will be aware of the new fatbikes that have become the latest craze. You can choose which ProAction Fat Bike Tour which suites you best

MTB Timanfaya – Technical: Medium Fitness: Medium to High 67km
MTB Volcanic Bomb – Technical: Low Fitness: Medium 45km
MTB Santa Barbara – Technical: Low Fitness:Medium 45km
MTB Rollercoaster (Costa Teguise) – Technical: Intermediate Fitness: Medium 30km
Wine Valley MTB Tour – Technical: Intermediate Fitness: Medium 37km

Complimentary coffee and cake is included with all tours.
For a  full breakdown of the tours click here