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Lanzarote sets further agreement for PANGAEA project

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Council of Lanzarote through the Lanzarote Geopark and Chinijo Archipelago have signed a collaboration agreement for the island to remain the natural scenery of the PANGAEA project (Planetary Analogue Geological and Astrobiological Exercise for Astronauts) . This agreement assumes that ESA researchers, scientists and astronauts will continue to explore and train in Lanzarote in an environment that transports them to a geological reality similar to what they will find in outer space.”

For those responsible for the European body Lanzarote meets the strategic conditions, geological and scenic which are ideal to carry out their training: It is the most realistic way available on earth to prepare for travel into space. Technical and human teams have been operating on the island during the last three years.

Lanzarote Represented in China Beauty Expo

The Canarian company of Natural cosmetics Aloe Plus Lanzarote has participated in the XIII edition of the China Beauty Expo an event held in Shanghai in which more than 3,500 exhibiting companies and 10,000 brands exhibited their products before a multitude of Distributors, retailers and professionals in the cosmetics sector. The fair was attended by more than 480,000 visitors from 80 different countries and regions. The director of Aloe Plus Lanzarote, Martín Eugenio Pérez, has highlighted the participation of the company in this massive event as an opportunity through which thousands of visitors have been able to know the benefits of the variety of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, from the Canary Islands, as well as the wide range of products on display by the Lanzarote brand.

World Environment Day

The International Museum of Contemporary Art (MIAC) of Lanzarote joins the celebrations for the  World Environment Day which is today Wednesday 5th June. To comemorate this special day, a book called In Love With Lanzarote created by photographers and experts of the  Biosphere Reseve has been released  by Manuel González and Víctor Efrén who are from La Gomera and Teberife

The event, which will takes place at 8:00 pm will give an insight by use of a graphic collection of natural and artificial landscapes of Lanzarote by means of art, nature and natural and ethnographic heritage.

The pages of the book invite you to discover the biological and environmental wealth of an island that has been recognized and distinguished internationally for its solid commitment to the conservation and protection of its territory and the sea that surrounds it. You will be able to pick up a copy of this book in the shops of the CACT. It concentrates on the natural beauty of the island of volcanoes and places the focus in spaces from which to continue moving towards greater awareness of the landscape, architecture and sustainability.

Organized by the Centers of Art, Culture and Tourism of the Council of Lanzarote, the presentation is part of the activities planned to commemorate the centenary of the birth of César Manrique.

New Heliport for Lanzarote

The Consortium for Emergencies have given the go ahead for a new heliport in the vicinity of its headquarters in Arrecife. It will 70,000 euros which is the amount contemplated in the Arrecife council budget.The start date for the construction is still pending waiting on a license from the City Council.

The service is considered a necessity because although there are already several heliports on the island, they are all mainly landing sites without full security measures for emergency procedures at any time of day. The headquarters of the Emergency Consortium will be an ideal place to have one because it is in the capital and is relatively close to the Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa which most demands this service for the transfer of patients. At present the transfers are made from the main airport with patients being transferred by ambulance.

Easter Celebrations Start in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a Catholic island and to mark the the beginning of the Holy week hundreds of parishioners accompanied the statue of Jesus through the streets of the capital
for the procession of the Señor de la Burrita. At 10.30 am on Palm Sunday the church of San Ginés in Arrecife was crowded by the parishioners as the Holy Mass began with a programme of songs for the celebration directed by Professor Carmen Dolores Rodríguez. This was a very special celebration which centered on the reading of the Lord’s Passion.

When the mass was over image of the Lord of the Burrita made its exit to the Plaza de Las Palmas in front of the church where all those present carried olive branches which were blessed by the parish priest. The procession then made its way through the streets of the city followed by the parishioners who sang the songs of celebration throughout its journey.

All Time Record Figures Lanzarote Airport

National and international links to Lanzarote airport have helped reach a historical record with an increase of visitors to the island in the first 3 months of the year. It is expected that if this continues the year could close with more than 7.5 million passengers which would be an increase of just over 1.79 million passengers. This is the best record ever for this period.

In 2018 there was also a noticeable increase in passengers. More flights and destinations have contributed to this all time high and it is evident that the evolution of the airport has been a success when you compare figures back in 1996.

Lanzarote Fashion Weekend 2019

The star of this years Lanzarote Fashion Weekend is none other than the famous Spanish fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.
Her designs are well known all over the world for their vibrant colour and originality.

After last years event by the Catalan Spanish designer “Custo”, this year promises to be equally successful and both national and international media will travel to the island to cover the event.

It promises to be much more than just a fashion show. From the 17th to 19th May 2019 the island of Lanzarote converts into the epicentre of fashion and will showcase many of the islands locations such as the Cactus Garden, Castillo de San José and the Jameos del Agua.

Tickets can be bought here

Bodega in Femes

Another bodega on its way but this time not situated in the wine region of La Geria but close by in the mountains close to the village of Femes. This is a sector on the island of Lanzarote that continues to grow. Femes which is in the county of Yaiza is recognised more as a cheese as it has a strong livestock and agricultural tradition but for the first time it intends to launch a winery in the southern core. The prodject has been instigated by local businessman Domingo Cabrera, under the name of Bodegas Tierra Virgen. The expectation is to break into the market with a circulation of a vintage close to 40,000 bottles.

Timanfaya Makes Tests For Driverless Coaches

Professionals of the Motor Vehicle Safety Institute and the Flight Mechanics Group (GMV) have successfully completed the mapping and data collection for the tourist volcanic coach tour in Timanafaya National Park. This is one of the first phases to introduce coaches without drivers which is a revolutionary project for the use of ecological transport.

The equipment to carry out the mapping of the Volcano Route included differential GPS, stereo vision cameras and light detection and ranging instruments which is a optical remote sensing technique that uses lasers to obtain a dense sample of the surface of the earth producing exact measurements in three dimensions. The data will be used to simulate the Route of the Volcanoes at the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA) in Madrid demonstration vehicle and has already successfully passed the first technical tests to guarantee the viability of its use in the project. New tests will analyze the behavior of the simulation of this complex route to address the difficulties that this project has to face.

The completion date of this project is set for May 2020. It is intended that the vehicles will then make the regular 14-kilometer trips without drivers.

New Radar to Improve Air Traffic Management

Last Monday “ENAIRE” the manager of air navigation in Spain has put into service a new radar in Lanzarote with the latest technology. It will allow a coverage and surveillance service to flights of the northeastern area of ​​the Canary Islands as well as traffic between the Islands and the Peninsula.

This new radar which serves the ENAIRE Air Control Center in the Canary Islands has an investment of more than 2.5 million euros. In addition it provides coverage to the aircraft for take off and landing for both Lanzarote and Fuerteventura airports. In total it will control the airspace within a radius of about 250 nautical miles, the equivalent of an area of ​​about 670,000 square kilometers.

The performance of this Spanish surveillance system known as Mode S is the most mature and implemented system available. The installation contributes to the international positioning of ENAIRE as an air navigation manager in the field of surveillance in line with the European requirements to progressively introduce new technologies that improve air traffic management in Europe.