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Lanzarote Wines of Economic Importance

The wines of Lanzarote are of economic  importance in the Canarian archipelago. The exclusive tastes are thought to be characterized by a volcanic-mineral flavor perfectly balanced with the relatively high acidity they present.

There us a great diversity of the types of grape grown to produce the wines but the white grapes are predominant and the volcanic malvasia is its main representative within the production and has been perfectly adapted to the conditions of the island.

The way to develop the crop consists in the making a hole of about 3 meters in diameter by 2.5 meters deep until reaching the surface of the buried soil to produce deep root systems.

Frequently, the hole is surrounded a stone structure that acts as a windbreak to protect the plant which visably creates the typical vineyard landscape of Lanzarote particularly around La Geria.

This is a form of cultivation where machinery is banned and the farming is completely manuel.

Carnival Continues

The Carnival 2019 celebrations continue in Lanzarote and this week it is the turn of Playa Blanca to join in the fun.
The celebrations pass through the island starting off in Arrecife, then Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise, Haria and Playa Blanca.
Lots of avid Carnival lovers follow the celebrations over the island.
The theme in Playa Blanca this year is Cuba and here is the program for this weekend.



The Last Blacksmith in Lanzarote

Jose Cañada is the last blacksmith on the island learning the trade from his father and its surprising still taking orders from the locals as in most areas this is a dying trade. His orders are from locals ordering their tools for agricultural use. He says that his continued success is due to the fact that farmers will always need a smithy to make the tools that can’t be found in hardware stores and that’s why he has lasted over 50 years in a trade which is made to order.

Hot-set steel saplings and rakes, plows and components such as harnesses for animals which you may think are already in disuse, are in fact still in demanded.

These orders are specifically made in the forge and the workshop has had its doors open for nearly half a century.

Red Underwear for New Year

Many of you will have heard about the Spanish New Year tradition of eating 12 grapes with every strike of the clock at New Year.
Another lesser known tradition and thought to bring you good luck for the coming year is to wear red underwear on New Years Eve.
However, it’s important to know that the underwear should not be bought by yourself! To receive the “guaranty a luck” for the coming year, you need to have received the red underwear as a gift.
We think it’s worth a try!


Procession Of The Sacred Heart Of Mary

After a night partying until dawn, the residents of Caleta de Famara woke up to accompany their Patroness, The Sacred Heart of Mary on the big day of the festivities in celebrate of her honor. After a religious Mass the procession began and was accompanied by music from Teguiban a local brass band from the village of Teguise. The procession moved through the village in the direction of the sea where the figure was placed on a boat for another procession in the sea

The Correct way To Dress

Lanzarote has launched a new incentive to promote the proper use of the traditional island costume. It has printed 5000 brochures and is holding talks all over the island. The idea is to create awareness and stop any new additions that are steering away from the original culture. Its just in time before one of the most traditional events of the year which is the pilgrimage to Dolores in Tinajo where everyone wears the costume. It is hoped by bringing more attention to this, more interest will be taken in the handcrafts to revive them


Vintage Style Celebration In La Geria

La Geria, the region that surround the volcanic national park of Timanfaya was in celebration yesterday. A display was organised for locals and tourists themed in a vintage style purposely paying tribute to the traditions of the area. La Geria has a specific identity in Lanzarote as it is the area where vines are grown to produce and export the local wines. Its here you find the islands bodegas. In co ordination with the harvest, displays were given of the wine making process including the transportation of the grapes on camels. In addition it was ended with a typical fiesta, procession and live music. No doubt there was plenty of wine!

Firework Season

Throught the summer there are plenty of firework displays happening around the island to mark the end of the local fiestas. As the  festivities ended on Sunday in Puerto del Carmen, crowds filled the old town harbor to watch the display that lasted 15 minutes. The lights were switched in the area at 23.00hrs and the display began which was organised by the city council of Tias and managed by a canarian company Pirotecnia Puerto del Carmen allways offers one of the better displays on the island. The summer fiesta will now begin in Arrecife which after the next 2 weeks will be closed with an even bigger firework display. During the next few weeks there will be plenty of fireworks visible around the island as the different villages celebrate their fiestas.

Canarian Expressions

When learning a different language you are more than likely with the best intension to come across words and phrases that you just will not find in the average dictionary or phrase book. Our local dialects are have been doctored over the years and words have been replaced with others to make our languages more colourful. The Canarians have also brightened up the Spanish language with some different words that are exclusive to the islands. Here are just a few.

Garimba – small beer
Panzaburro – translated to donkey belly and refers to low dense cloud which is common in the north
Aguita – Wow
Guagua – public bus
Cholas – flip flops
Chanda – jogging bottoms
Godo – person from the mainland of Spain
Chachi – good or qood quality

Summer Means Fiesta In Lanzarote

The summer in Lanzarote means fiesta. We are aproaching the second fortnight of July which means that the Fiestas of Carmen are about to start. This fiesta is celebrated in all of the villages but the most prominant will be in Arrecife capital followed by Puerto del Carmen. The main focus will be a procession where an image of the virgin of Carmen is carried along the coast accompanied by fishing boats. Olenty to do for the locals and tourists alike with activities and competitions including a fun fair and live music which plays until the early hours of the morning.