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New Statue Commemorates the Arrival of Water

Some things most of us take for granted where in other parts of the world the simple arrival of running water is a cause for celebration. A local veteran of Tias Carmen Hernández was reunited with the sculpture that commemorates the arrival of water in th village
The work, was created by the sculptor Julián Bermúdez and depicts this rural woman of 93 years  from nearby La Asomada and is in homage to the arrival of the water to the south of Lanzarote and situated on a site built 50 years ago where a large cistern supplied water to the population.

Previously the scarcity of water forced the population of the villages to move to the capital and as a result at the 1968 the work of canalization of the waters from drilled holes was completed at the t on top of Montaña Blanca and deposited in a large cistern built on the current Central Avenue.

This year commemorates the 50th anniversary of that milestone, the government group of Tías, led by the mayor Pancho Hernández, commissioned the young sculptor born in the municipality, Julián Bermúdez Mesa, to recreate in a sculpture this symbolism of the arrival.

Julián Bermúdez, who completed his sculpture was part of the team of artists that under the direction of the British sculptor Jason deCaires who made the figures of the Atlantic Museum in the waters of Papagayo. For some time, Bermúdez  has lived in England where he works with Jason deCaires creating artistic works in many parts of the world

Nautical Collection Discovered

In two stores in a neighborhood of Arreife,  Altavista to be precise, there is one of the most interesting collections of boats and sailors that exists representing the authentic legacy of the island’s fishing and marine history. It is a formidable work with over twenty-five years of collecting done by Ángel Díaz (better known as Angelito el Fino). He has spent more than half of his life collecting elements linked to the culture and fishing tradition of the port of Naos in Arrecife which believe it or not was at one time, one of the most important fishing ports in the world.

Sadly Angel has now passed away and in his memory his children have set up the Social cultural Association to recover the fishing history of Lanzarote as a legacy and to make sure that this important part of Lanzarote life is not forgotten. This impressive collection has an abundance of  authentic relics and treasures linked to the world of seamanship. There are more than a thousand photographs of ships which have passed through the port of Naos. Most of the photographs have  corresponding documentation, technical characteristics and lists of crew members dating back to 1865 and the first years of 1900.

The collection is of unquestionable historical value and also includes license plates of sailors as far back as 1872 and navigation charts, files of sailors of the Navy and other hundreds of documents that are still pending to be cataloged. Also there are hundreds of old pieces of boats, navigation instruments, radios, fishing gear, lanterns, wide, and many other curiosities. Ángel’s son said of his father where some people only saw junk, my father saw the history of Lanzarote.

Looking For Photos of Cesar Manrique

A campaign has been launched to celebrate the centenary of César Manrique to collect images of the artist in his memory. These will be displayed on the website wich specialises in Lanzarote memorabilian

The website serves as a public digital documentation service for island memories and has more than 15,000 records which include images, documents, chronologies and statistics. Through a daily work of digitization, documentary emptying and metadata management, after analysis and treatment of historical documentation, has been increasing its content on the documentary, historical, cultural and scientific heritage produced in or on the island, with the aim of contributing to its research and public knowledge.

Thanks to the support of organizations and people who collaborate in different ways giving private material so that everyone can access. A proportion of the collections have been transformed into temporary exhibitions that take place in La Casa Amarilla in Calle Real, Arrecife which was the former seat of Arrecife council, now converted into a museum of the memory of Lanzarote and open to visitors

Redstoration of the Tiagua Mill

The restoration works of the Tiagua windmill have now been finished after months of work and thanks to the subsidy of 39,000 euros granted to the owner to finance 50 percent. The proposal for the work originated from the Historic Heritage area which states that this mill is included in the Catalog of Protection of the Architectural and Monumental Heritage of Lanzarote and in the Municipal Architectural Catalog of Teguise.
It is one of the best preserved heritage assets of the grinding industry of Lanzarote. The Tiagua Mill stands out for the quality of its construction and its historical dimension.Located in The heart of the town of Tiagua it had a great transcendence in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries providing work for many families not only Tiagua, but also La Vegueta, Tinajo, Tao, Soo and Muñique

Record Visits to Lanzarote Tourist Centres

Lanzarote tourist centres closed the year of 2018 with a record of 29.6 million euros generated by 3 million visitors. This is an improvement of 9.7% over the previous year 2017. A spokesman for Lanzarote Council said “These figures are, in short, the result of putting the effort, responsibility and professionalism of all workers at the service of an entity that is the heritage and pride of all Lanzarote. Without them, it would be impossible to achieve the objectives set”

Casa Mayor Guerra Museum

Situated on an incline in San Bartolome is one of the most important houses in Lanzarote which dates back to the 18th century. It was originaly owned by an influential militar but today stands as a museum portraying the history of San Bartolome.

With a budget of almost 50,000 euros, San Bartolomé is making improvements to this historical landmark concentrating on the exterior and it is planned to create a sports ring, in the space where palm trees were planted, which have now mostly dried up.

The project signed by Daniel González, to be executed throughout 2019, includes three new recreational areas, as well as the planting of trees to offer shade and shelter from the wind.

Lanzarote Christmas Workshop

CACT Lanzarote has prepared in the Casa-Museo del Campesino a complete program of family workshops, musical performances, craft experiences and other activities to create a  memorable Christmas experience for all its visitors. Craft workshops will provide part of the creative entertainment to share with children. During the Christmas holidays workshops have been organised to create figurines for the nativity scene in clay, ornaments for the Christmas tree and delicious cakes and treats. There will also be a Christmas Market at the Casa-Museo del Campesino. Locally made items will be sold showing some of the techniques of traditional craftsmanship of the island such as dye with cochineal, the braid of the empleita, the traditional ceramics, the embroidery of rosettes or the elaboration of gofio, mojo, jams or delicious recipes with local products. To find out more please click here

Environmental Film Festival

From today until 17th of October the Fundación César Manrique will host in Lanzarote a selection of films from the 20th Canary Islands International Environmental Film Festival (FICMEC). In the Sala José Saramago (La Plazuela). In total four feature films and some shorter films will be screened.

Admission to the screenings is free which will take place in the mornings and evenings

5th Arrecife Live Festival

Its here again! Free music concerts in Arrecife celebrating the 5th Arrecife Live Festival. The concerts take place in the streets, squares, beach and the lagoon next to the marina. Its this time of year for the specific reason that the trade winds have come to an end and the temperatures in general are around 23 degrees celcius. Autumn is just the perfect time for these outdoor concerts. There are 18 national and international bands taking part on 4 different stages and 4 DJs to keep the party moving. The stages will be moved every Friday to different parts of the city. Dates are from 21/09 to 28/09 and 05/10 to 11/10.

Underwater Archeology On The Coast of Lanzarote

A company has been appointed to carry out different underwater archeology activities in order to find out more about Lanzarotes underwater archaeological heritage and the island of La Graciosa.The cost to carry out this project will be 380,000 euros concentrating in the areas of El Río and Caleta de Sebo, as well as Arrecife. The work will be carried out under water by specialists to diagnose the state of coservation and any risks prevailing. It is hoped that they will be able to extract archaeological material, which will be guarded by the Council and a possibility of finding a shipwreck during the works has not ruled out. The study ist to take place at the end of this year and be finished a year later.