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New Lanzarote Restaurant in Famara

Just opened in a spectacular location in front of the mountainous backdrop of El  Risco de Famara is a new restaurant which is causing a sensation.

Located on the border of Famara beach this completely renovated restaurant has views of the northwest coast of Lanzarote and the island of La Graciosa.

The restaurant is a multifunctional space, exceptionally refurbished by the Pablo Ramos Baldi studio, and equipped to celebrate all kinds of events, from a meal with family and friends to large celebrations. There are several terraces overlooking the beach and the Risco which can be privately reserved for small groups

Its gastronomy is described as a market cuisine with seasonal local products and modern elaborations. They have high quality meats and unique home desserts.Fresh fish arrives daily and is cooked in a charcoal oven to enhance the quality of the product.

Opening times
Every day from 12:00 to 22:00 except Sundays from 12:00 to 17:00
Tuesdays from 18:00 to 22:00, and Mondays that closed

Lanzarote sets further agreement for PANGAEA project

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Council of Lanzarote through the Lanzarote Geopark and Chinijo Archipelago have signed a collaboration agreement for the island to remain the natural scenery of the PANGAEA project (Planetary Analogue Geological and Astrobiological Exercise for Astronauts) . This agreement assumes that ESA researchers, scientists and astronauts will continue to explore and train in Lanzarote in an environment that transports them to a geological reality similar to what they will find in outer space.”

For those responsible for the European body Lanzarote meets the strategic conditions, geological and scenic which are ideal to carry out their training: It is the most realistic way available on earth to prepare for travel into space. Technical and human teams have been operating on the island during the last three years.

Lanzarote Wine Run 2019

This weekend is once again the popular yearly event the “Lanzarote Wine Run“.
This day offers something for everyone. The more sporty people can subscribe to the long run which is 23,2km or the shorter run which is 11,4km. There is also a slower pace trekking option which is also 11,1km. For those of us that prefer so sample the wine and observe then that is also an option.

It is held in La Geria and there is still time to subscribe and take part in the fun activities and race.

Saturday, June 15
3: 00 pm Opening of the collection of numbers of the Wine Run KIDS 2019
4:00 pm Opening of the Traditional Cuisine Festival.
4: 30 pm Closing of the collection of numbers of the Wine Run KIDS 2019
5: 00 pm Opening of the collection of numbers of the Wine Run 2019
5: 00 pm Start of the different tests of Wine Run KIDS 2019
9: 00 pm Concert
9: 30 pm Closing collection of numbers.
11: 00 pm Closing of the Traditional Cuisine Festival and all activities.

Sunday, June 16
07: 30 am Transfer of participants in buses.
09: 00 am Start of the Long Run
10: 00 am Start of the Short Race
10: 00 am Start of Trekking
10: 15 am Arrival of the first participants.
11: 00 am Opening of the Traditional Cuisine Festival.
12: 30 pm Awards Ceremony
2: 00 pm Concert
3: 00pm Closing of Goal.
4: 00 pm Closing of the Event.

Lanzarote Represented in China Beauty Expo

The Canarian company of Natural cosmetics Aloe Plus Lanzarote has participated in the XIII edition of the China Beauty Expo an event held in Shanghai in which more than 3,500 exhibiting companies and 10,000 brands exhibited their products before a multitude of Distributors, retailers and professionals in the cosmetics sector. The fair was attended by more than 480,000 visitors from 80 different countries and regions. The director of Aloe Plus Lanzarote, Martín Eugenio Pérez, has highlighted the participation of the company in this massive event as an opportunity through which thousands of visitors have been able to know the benefits of the variety of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, from the Canary Islands, as well as the wide range of products on display by the Lanzarote brand.

Lanzarote has the Biggest Tourist Increase in the Canaries

Lanzarote is in lead when it comes to the growth in tourism in the Canary Islands. The island has seen an increase this year in the first four months of 4.2%, according to data from the Canary Islands Statistics Institute (ISTAC). Along with Tenerife, these are the only 2 islands in the Archipelago to record a rise of tourists between January and April. The increase is made up of German and UK visitors with the Germans leading by 9.6% and the British increasing by  5.3%.

In total, between January and April 2019, 972,600 tourists visited Lanzarote, of which 465,802 came from the United Kingdom, 116,290 from Germany and 79,450 from the rest of Spain. The increases of 6.4% and 6% in the arrival of tourists from Ireland (third country with 86,961 tourists) and France (fifth, with 55,601), respectively, also stood out in the first four months of the year.

As for the type of accommodation chosen during their stay on the island, 71.8% of tourists who visited Lanzarote during the first four months of the year chose to stay in a hotel and 10.2% on a rental basis. 58.5% hired tourist package at origin to enjoy their holidays on the island.


World Environment Day

The International Museum of Contemporary Art (MIAC) of Lanzarote joins the celebrations for the  World Environment Day which is today Wednesday 5th June. To comemorate this special day, a book called In Love With Lanzarote created by photographers and experts of the  Biosphere Reseve has been released  by Manuel González and Víctor Efrén who are from La Gomera and Teberife

The event, which will takes place at 8:00 pm will give an insight by use of a graphic collection of natural and artificial landscapes of Lanzarote by means of art, nature and natural and ethnographic heritage.

The pages of the book invite you to discover the biological and environmental wealth of an island that has been recognized and distinguished internationally for its solid commitment to the conservation and protection of its territory and the sea that surrounds it. You will be able to pick up a copy of this book in the shops of the CACT. It concentrates on the natural beauty of the island of volcanoes and places the focus in spaces from which to continue moving towards greater awareness of the landscape, architecture and sustainability.

Organized by the Centers of Art, Culture and Tourism of the Council of Lanzarote, the presentation is part of the activities planned to commemorate the centenary of the birth of César Manrique.

Lanzarote Wines of Economic Importance

The wines of Lanzarote are of economic  importance in the Canarian archipelago. The exclusive tastes are thought to be characterized by a volcanic-mineral flavor perfectly balanced with the relatively high acidity they present.

There us a great diversity of the types of grape grown to produce the wines but the white grapes are predominant and the volcanic malvasia is its main representative within the production and has been perfectly adapted to the conditions of the island.

The way to develop the crop consists in the making a hole of about 3 meters in diameter by 2.5 meters deep until reaching the surface of the buried soil to produce deep root systems.

Frequently, the hole is surrounded a stone structure that acts as a windbreak to protect the plant which visably creates the typical vineyard landscape of Lanzarote particularly around La Geria.

This is a form of cultivation where machinery is banned and the farming is completely manuel.

Lanzarote a Unique view of the Island

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for personal use but also in the way we live our lives with Amazon testing a drone delivery service, the health service delivering urgent supplies, sea rescue missions, military operations we could go on and on. There’s good and bad if you take into consideration the delays caused last year by drone sightings at Gatwick airport causing ciaos with delays. To focus on a good below we have a video captured by drone of Lanzarote allowing us to see the hidden corners of the island. If you have one its important to recognise the laws when fying in Spain. Do not fly your drone over people or large crowds. Do not fly your drone higher than 120 meters (400 feet) Do not fly your drone within 50 meters of buildings, people, or vehicles not associated with the operation of the drone.

Cact Lanzarote Tourist Centre App

Something to look out for is the Cact Lanzarote Tourist Centre App available in Google Play and Apple Store. Cact stands for Centres of Arte, Culture and Turism and is the app is a good place tio find out up and coming events in the tourist centres of the island. You can find the following information on the app

  • About CACT
  • Events Calendar
  • CACT restaurant menus
  • Vouchers

For more information click here

Lanzarote Iron Man 2019

Tommorrow will be the 28th edition of the famous triathlon Ironman organised by Club La Santa

The course will be as follows

Swim (cut off 2h 20min after race start).The 3.8 km swim is a 2 lap rectangular course taking place in the Atlantic Ocean just outside Puerto del Carmen. The water is around 18-19 degrees, and wetsuits are mandatory.

Bike (cut off 11h 30min after race start)
The 180.2 km bike course challenges participants to a hilly and typically windy ride that brings you through the Fire Mountains and up to the northern part of the island with testing switchback turns and a steep climb up to the most northern point of the island with beautiful views of the neighboring island of La Graciosa.

Run (cut off 17h 00min after race start)
The run is typically hot and sunny with 2 laps keeping athletes close to the spectators in Puerto del Carmen.

For more information click here